Burgundy’s Bold Comeback 

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Burgundy is experiencing a significant resurgence in the interior design world, known for its associations with elegance and luxury, this deep, warm hue is once again becoming a favourite in furniture design. The revival of burgundy aligns with a broader trend towards rich, warm colours that add sophistication and depth to interiors.

Historically, burgundy has symbolised opulence and timeless beauty. Its rich tones continue to captivate, with modern designs drawing inspiration from the high-fashion style of the 70s and 80s, marked by bold, deep reds. This influence was prominently showcased in the latest collections at Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week, signalling burgundy’s strong return, from luxurious sofas to standout accent chairs, burgundy was used to create focal points in rooms, drawing attention and adding a touch of grandeur. This revival is not merely a nostalgic nod but a testament to burgundy’s enduring appeal and versatility in modern design.


Incorporating burgundy into contemporary interiors transforms spaces, infusing them with luxury and warmth. Through design-forward furniture pieces or subtle accents, this colour-Burgundy/Ox Blood/Merlot introduces something new for interiors that resonate with current design preferences whether they be spaces of Opulence, Grounded or Ordered aesthetics. We created our own imagery via A.I. to explore how Burgundy can be applied to various materials and textures (see above).

The return of burgundy in interior design and homewares is a key trend that can achieve a refined and inviting atmosphere, capturing the essence of sophisticated living.

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