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NYC Explorer Report - December 2020

The new COVID-19 reality has challenged many of our clients. The privilege of inspirational travel may not be possible for quite some time. If you had told me in January this year that Australian borders would be closed until at least mid-2021 (but probably late 2021), I wouldn’t have comprehended the concept. But here we are.

Enter our explorer, Sarah. In this report, our explorer Sarah takes us to the streets of NYC to bring you the most influential and trend-worthy retail spaces to share what’s happening NOW. Sarah shares images from boutiques, high street retailers as well as the NYC infamous Street Vendors.


· Over 30 pages of influential and trend-worthy retail, and hospitality spaces

· Quick Executive summary– The Macro Trends

· 9 in-depth style reviews and inspirations

· Exclusive images from our Explorer


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NYC Explorer Report - December 2020

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