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Interior Trend Forecast | Shape 2022/2023

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The best results in conceptual developed happen when trend is considered from a variety of perspectives. Considering and aligning the right shapes to your client, customer or target creates exceptionally commercial yet leading results. Our 22.23 Shape forecast reviews 18 different key shapes from Sofas to Drinkware.  It is digitally presented to inspire you to adapt various structures across a multitude of applications 216 Shapes including both emerging and evolving Forms are provided to give you a holistic and informed overview of what will be important and commercial in the coming seasons.  

What You Get:

  1. Trend Intelligence Style Quadrants 

    We categorise and explain why different shapes can be applied to different customers.

  2. Style Filters and Quadrants Explained

    Our Trend Intelligence System clearly explains where shapes can be applied to different emotional states and why this helps you lead in a strong, relatable aesthetic.

  3. Shape Positioning

    We identify the emerging shapes and how they can best be used within your product range.

  4. Shape Overview

    We look at each shape and look at the energy, opportunity and forecast for 12 - 18 months out. 

  5. Shape by Style Quadrant

    Our experts show you how different shapes work best with different structures and energy which helps to create more market-responsive decisions.

  6. 216 maintaining and emerging shapes

    We share important maintaining and emerging shapes within Furniture, Homewares & Outdoor furnishings.

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Interior Trend Forecast | Shape 2022/2023