Insights From High Point Furniture Market – Are American Home Design Tastes Becoming Polarised?

Is the current social and political polarisation in the US reflected in the way Americans are decorating?

The research teams here at MC&Co Trend have spent the last week researching the latest furniture trends at High Point Market – one of the worlds biggest and most important trade fairs.

The High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina comes alive with tens of thousands of visitors twice a year. This year the attendance was down, however there was plenty for us to discover in terms of trending furniture products and home furnishing styles.

High Point Market showed us a new macro furniture trend for 2021/21 is emerging – The polarisation of design tastes.

When we assessed the final edit of the most important messages from High Point Market, we concluded that sitting above the actual products, a more macro trend emerged – style polarisation.

Our creative director, Steve commented, “For every salt there is a pepper.”

What he meant was that for every strong style statement, there was an equally conflicting, yet relevant, aesthetic.

So we asked ourselves, “Is style more polarised in the US market than other markets?”

Here are some examples of the polarisations of furniture and homeware trends in the USA

From abstract expressionism design trends to minimal or desert tones, High Point Market showed us that styles differ nearly as much as the US population disagrees on politics. 

1. Highly playful moods with an almost graffiti and cartoon quality versus an increase focus on contemporary minimalism and pared back monotone palettes.

High Point Market Trends 2020

2. Strong jungle motifs were evident in what we call ‘Jungalow’ mood compared to equally evident oceanic themes and sea life inspirations.

High Point Market 2020 Design TrendsThe thematic elements of nature continue to oppose each other with the minimal desert tones at High Point Market this year. 

Trending Desert Tones in Furniture at High Point Market

3. As many curves we found there were equally as many harder, more masculine structures 

Masculine versus feminine interior design trends High Point Market 2020

High Point Market showed us that style, shape, and mood polarisation are no more evident in the USA at than in Europe, Asia and Australia. 

Trend Polarization Timeline

As you can see above, polarisation has been happening decade after decade. 

The important point is that polarisation is a macro trend that sits above individual products, styles or moods. Polarisation is evident in apparel, price, distribution channels, quality and branding. Different consumers desire different sides of the coin.

When developing products and product assortments, a business MUST know its customers aspirations, needs and desires more than ever.

How can MC&Co Trend help you with polarisation through our home and lifestyle industry trend reports

High Point Market Trend Report 2020 | MC&Co Trade Fair Reports

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