We have been researching, reporting and forecasting Home Lifestyle Trends for over 20 years. Our experience is from highly commercial retail and product development backgrounds. We understand that there are 3 key requirements to creating authentic, commercial and profitable concepts and products;

  • Positioning
  • Timing
  • Commercial interpretation 

    After years of experiencing both the pain and the profit of working in fashion and trend based products, we have developed and proven a scientific way of assessing trend. Which significantly increases the chance of success and minimises the risk of failure. The MC&Co Trend intelligence system is a simple way to direct the cacophony of inspiration that is available today.

    Success in fashion related products and concepts is born from strong, confident, statements that are easily understandable. Our system helps you focus and position your business in a simple and effective way. 

    We apply three tested aspects when assessing, reporting and forecasting trends.


    1. Aspirational Segmentation

    We apply 6 filters to reconfirm your customer and focus on a community.

    The benefit of effectively identifying the most appropriate ASPIRATIONAL SEGMENT is;

    • Improved communications in both Product and Marketing.
    • In larger organisations, the benefit is improved interdepartmental alignment and customer insights

    2. Style Filters

    We apply 3 key filters that help you finely tune and position your aesthetic.

    The benefit this creates is;

    • Exceptional product alignment
    • Authentic concept differentiation,
    • Commercial brand and product differentiation
    • Improved "relatability"
    • Best practice storytelling

    3. Commercial Qualifiers

    We assess 3 additional non aesthetic filters that helps to better focus your market position.

    The benefit this creates is;

    • Minimised risk in new products and concepts
    • Sustainable style positioning
    • Increase stakeholder motivation  
    When the three aspects of MC&Co’s Trend intelligence system are applied together, the result is sensational.

    When you utilise our system expect to experience;

    • Increased profit through improved stock-turn
    • Sustainable positioning
    • Appropriate product leadership and team alignment 

    It works...It really does!

    We are passionate about how trends can increase prosperity and would love to help you to achieve profitable positioning.

    Contact us today if you're interested in learning more.