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Tap into the Ultimate Trend Forecast Toolkit, and confidently assess the most commercially viable productsand ranges for your brand. 


Powerful, unbiased Lifestyle Trend Forecasting for designers, buyers, and interiors professionals

Our system will categorically change the way you position, align, buy, develop, design and achieve.


Our Trend Intelligence System and Signature reports are ideal for those who rely on trend forecasting to make accurate and viable buying and development decisions, or to create cutting edge design and interiors.

⦿ Interior Designers and decorators
⦿ Retail and Wholesale Buyers
⦿ Product Designers 
⦿ Product Developers 
⦿ Brand Managers 
⦿ Department Managers 
⦿ CEO’s and Senior Executives

Because you deserve a reliable trend report system that shows competitive, forward thinking design,
based entirely on data and facts - not opinion.

who we are?

At MC&Co, we believe in inspiring our customers to be the best at their professionals by using our commercially focused home trend forecasting and reporting toolkit.

At MC&Co, we believe in inspiring our customers to be the best at their professionals by using our commercially focused home trend forecasting and reporting toolkit.

Based out of Byron Bay, Australia our team of local and global researchers scout far and wide to identify and map the latest home and lifestyle trends in furniture, homewares, interiors, gifting, colour, patterns and materials. 

We have developed this system based on years of hands-on experience, thousands of hours of research, and packaged it into one convenient process. We hope you love it. 

the team

Our passion is inspiring businesses to imagine, achieve, and prosper.

Michael Cleghorn


Michael is the MC in MC&Co. He has over 30 years of experience in retail manufacturing and wholesale environments, in multiple Senior Executive roles. Michael has connections with major global retailers and a deep understanding of Asian manufacturing. This gives him unparalleled industry insights and knowledge.

Steven Worthy


Steve is MC&Co’s Creative Director. He has an enviable career in creative arenas as well being instrumental in all the work MC&Co Trend do towards all trend research, presentations, video, imagery and social media. He manages all the interpretations of trend. He is hands on, and involved in all steps of the process.

Danni Hosking-Haley


Danni is MC&Co’s Senior Consultant in colour, homeware design. With over 20 years experience in the home & lifestyle industries, as well as recently repositioning Country Road as Head of Design for homewares, Danni brings a sound understanding & knowledge of product development with passion and flair.

Linda Simpson


Linda Simpson is the founder of Imagination Network ™, and is partnering with MC&Co to deliver lifestyle intelligence to North America. Focusing on retailers and importers, including brand awareness, generational desires, and current experiential retailing & social marketing trends.

Time Poor Executives

Trend Explosion

Homogenised "inspiration"

the problem

Brands are getting lost in a sea of sameness for a variety of reasons...


Our Trend Intelligence System allows you to find the keys to authentic differentiation, focusing on quality and commercial viability. 

It will help you;
- Create an innovative trend strategy.
- Eliminate trend noise.
- Align your buyers, product developers, marketing and operations team on the same page.

If you want to confidently own a commercially viable and relevant trend position, then be sure to book a call.

the reports

At MC&Co we believe in empowering you and your team to create unique and differentiated products through our commercially focused trend forecasts.

Signature Forecasts...

These bi-annual reports outline the seasonal trends on a global scale using our proprietary trend wheel, trend lifecycle, and our aspirational consumer moods- all filtered through our unique Trend Intelligence System

Global Trade Fair Reports...

We recognise that travel may be on hold for some time, so our mission is to bring you to the best trade fairs and country profiles, virtually. Traveling far and wide we will bring you the best new products, artisans, and trends from around the world.

the system

How Our Trend Intelligence Works

Aspirational Segmentation

We apply 6 filters to reconfirm your customer and focus on a community. The benefit of effectively identifying the most appropriate ASPIRATIONAL SEGMENT is;

- Improved communications in both Product and Marketing
- In larger organisations, the benefit is improved inter
- departmental alignment and customer insights

Style Filters

We apply 3 key filters that help you finely tune and position your aesthetic. The benefit this creates is;

- Exceptional product alignment
- Authentic concept differentiation,
- Commercial brand and product differentiation
- Improved "relatability"
- Best practice storytelling

Commercial Qualifiers

We assess 3 additional non aesthetic filters that helps to better focus your market position.
The benefit this creates is;

- Minimised risk in new products and concepts
- Sustainable style positioning
- Increase stakeholder motivation


When the three aspects of MC&Co’s Trend intelligence system are applied together, the result is sensational.

When you utilise our system expect to experience;

 - Increased profit through improved stock-turn
 - Sustainable positioning
 - Appropriate product leadership and team alignment

the difference

What makes our trend intelligence different? It provides our clients and customers with a proven formula, backed up with data to make the right choices for YOUR business.


We go deep and wide into all home lifestyle trends and design. We investigate how furniture, home, and garden tastes evolve over time within our proprietary intelligence system.


Our intelligence system filters trends through a commercial lens so that you can back your intuition with confidence and expertise


We are here to help you be the expert. We eliminate confusion and enable productive inspiration that you can use to develop the best products possible.

We don't just report on the best home, interior and lifestyle trends from around the world – We assess what makes them commercially viable for your brand.