Christmas + Gift Report | 2021/2022



We’re excited to share our Christmas 2021 report which includes our forecasts for 2021-22. The report boasts 122 pages reflecting everything that we have discovered over 2 months of research and curation. In this report, we provide a holistic assessment of all the products, moods and colours that are reflected this Christmas from around the globe.

We also provide our forecast for each mood and discuss how it might evolve next year. Christmas themes are importantly, brand-specific. They are not only consumer-focused but also reflect the essence and values of each particular business. This is why we explore 19 specific moods as well as some Special Mention gift trends that are also emerging.

Our report boasts:

  • A review of the top brand’s 2020 holiday styles and our forecast for how they will change in 2021
  • 19 iconic Christmas moods across our 6 aspirational consumer segments
  • Key colour palettes across each look
  • 122 pages of tableware trends, ornament ideas, holiday home looks, and gifts
  • Hundreds of inspirational images

Get a preview of our 2021 Christmas Report by reading our blog post, What Are The Trends For Christmas 2021.

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