Interior Trend Forecast | Moods 2022/23



In our bi-annual forecast, we explore 26 inspiring yet commercial moods that covers both hemispheres’ seasons. Over 186 digitally stunning pages. All presented within our proprietary Trend Intelligence System which makes sense of trend. Discover the key movements in the 6 emotionally driven Aspirational Segments and understand how to focus your community, fine-tune to an amazing aesthetic and understand the best timing to commercialise any concept. Our Report is so much more than a few pretty pictures and an esoteric representation of an artistic whim- this is trend with intelligence.This is the second edition of our biannual report for early 2022-Mid 2023.

What you Get:

  1. Trends by Mood and Aspiration
    25 key positions within 6 key consumer aspirations for easy identification.
  2. Trend Intelligence Style Filters and Quadrants
    We explain how to best position your aesthetic through our Style Filter process. These assessments  identify where your brand and target market is positioned in terms of aesthetic.
  3. Commercial Curve
    Our commercial assessments of trend by viability, velocity and time positioning.
  4. MC&Co Trend Name
    Trend names that summarise the emotional connection to each trend.
  5. Style Overview
    Overviews that confirm the detail and our justification as to what is being reported.
  6. Forecast
    We share our insights on where the 26 moods are directing for the 12-18 months.
  7. What’s Important
    Quick bullet points explain what’s important in the images that are being shown.
  8. Trend Intelligence Analysis
    A simple review through our Trend Intelligence lens helps you to easily identify opportunities.
  9. Visual Inspiration
    Expertly curated, aligned and inspirational photography across all segments of the home lifestyle to clearly show the essence of the trend.
  10. Key Accents & Materials
    Primary palettes, finishes and materials that the mood will reflect 6 – 12 months out.

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Tap into our powerful, proven Trend Intelligence System for accurate, and commercially viable trend forecasting

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