Interior Trend Forecast | Pattern 2022/2023



Our pattern report offers 192 pattern inspirations all focused on lifestyle needs with our Trend Intelligence System. 61 pages of meaningful patterns across 8 key pattern structures express a confident, commercial approach to how to choose the best pattern structures to build best practice conceptual alignment. This detailed, researched and easy to understand digital forecast will stir your design partners to create exceptional expressions.

What You Get:

  1. Trend Intelligence Style Quadrants We categorise and explain why different patterns can be applied to different customers.
  2. Style Filters and Quadrants ExplainedOur Trend Intelligence System clearly explains where patterns can be applied to different emotional states and why this helps you lead in a strong, relatable aesthetic.
  3. Pattern PositioningWe identify and explain how patterns can best be used within your product range.
  4. Pattern OverviewWe look at each pattern and explain their energy, opportunity and forecast for 12 – 18 months out.
  5. Pattern by Style QuadrantOur experts show you how different patterns work best with different structures and energy which helps to create more market-responsive decisions.
  6. 92 Emerging PatternsWithin this report we explore maintaining and emerging patterns from StripesChecks, Animal & Skin, Geometrics, Abstract, Artisanal, florals & Nature’s Pattern.

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Tap into our powerful, proven Trend Intelligence System for accurate, and commercially viable trend forecasting

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