Pattern Interior Trends Forecast | 2024-25



Discover a wealth of inspiration within our comprehensive pattern report, spanning 154 pages tailored to meet diverse lifestyle needs through our cutting-edge Trend Intelligence System. Delve into 8 dynamic categories of patterns meticulously curated to guide you towards confident, commercial choices in aligning concepts effectively. This meticulously researched digital forecast is not just informative but also effortlessly comprehensible, igniting your design collaborators’ creativity to craft truly exceptional expressions.

Here’s what awaits you:

  1. Trend Intelligence Style Quadrants Explore our categorized insights shedding light on why specific patterns resonate with different customer segments.
  2. Style Filters and Quadrants Demystified Unravel the mysteries behind our Trend Intelligence System as we elucidate how applying patterns to various emotional states empowers you to lead with a compelling, relatable aesthetic.
  3. Pattern Overview Gain in-depth understanding of each pattern’s trajectory and potential impact on your designs.
  4. Pattern by Style Quadrant Let our experts guide you through the symbiotic relationship between patterns and structural dynamics, aiding in more responsive decision-making for the market.
  5. Emerging Patterns Dive into an exploration of both enduring classics and emerging trends, from timeless Stripes and Checks to the exotic allure of Animal & Skin motifs, vibrant Geometrics, enigmatic Abstract designs, the artisanal charm of handmade creations, and more, inspiring your design journey towards innovation and distinction.

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Tap into our powerful, proven Trend Intelligence System for accurate, and commercially viable trend forecasting

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