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Regular price $7,200.00

Signature Deal

The Signature Moods Forecast encompasses so much more than just the latest emerging trends. The report assesses trend through a scientific process that we are absolutely passionate about. The MC&CO TREND Intelligence System offers all businesses, large and small, to identify which trends and moods are best adapted for your Brand and Customer.

Our Webinar Signature Moods Forecast Deluxe Bundle:


  • Signature Moods Forecast ($1,800 Value)
  • Signature Colour Forecast ($600 Value)
  • Signature Pattern Forecast ($600 Value)
  • Signature Materials & Texture Forecast ($600 Value)
  • Signature Shape Forecast ($600 Value)
  • Bonus Highpoint Report ($500 Value)
  • Bonus Atlanta Report ($500 Value)
  • Bonus Christmas Report ($500 Value)
  • Bonus Maison et Objet ($500 Value)
  • Five Webinars ($1000 Value)

 * Trade Fair report choices: Atlanta Aug 2020, Maison et Objet Sep 2020, High Point Oct 2020, or Christmas Nov 2020.

Money back guarantee!

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