The Top Ten Trends from Milan & Paris: The People Have Spoken

This month our design spotlight at MC&Co Trend is shining on the Milan Supersalone & the Paris Maison et Objet. Designers have delivered a plethora of exquisite new shapes and concepts.

 Yet what do the thousands & thousands of new product images coming out of the design weeks mean for your business?

 Luckily, here at MC&Co Trend, we decode all the glitz & glamour and highlight the significant trends. And then help you identify how to apply the key trends to your specific customer segment.

 Each month our CEO and Founder, Michael Cleghorn hosts a complimentary webinar sharing the MC&Co Trend’s knowledge & expertise. This month, we decided to share our webinar attendees’ opinions. The following results were considered by retail executives, designers, product developers and buyers.  Over 200 webinar attendees from around the globe voted on what they believed as the most impressive interior trends and innovations from Milan Supersalone and Paris Maison et Objet, and here are the results.

 The Top Five Shape Trends from Milan Supersalone 2021 (as voted by our webinar attendees) are:

  1. Skeletal Elements of the Gu Chair by MAD Architects

 The top innovation from Milan was voted as the Gu Chair, translated into the “bone chair”. Interestingly the piece was a standout in our eyes also. Its continuous fluid movement is enchanting, and its limb-like legs are an exciting interpretation of prehistoric bones & skeletons. Whilst it’s an artistic and sculptural offering, we expect to see the essential aspects of the product reimagined with broader appeal. Prepare to see more skeletal influences and radial shapes in designs. 

  1. Crowned Bases from Minotti

 In our trend forecast report for Shape 2022/23, we predicted the rising popularity of crown shapes, and here they’re expressed by leading brand Minotti. These types of bases are an innovative way of incorporating curved edges into your products. 

  1. Radial Elements and Streamline Moderne Influences by Frag

 The Atelier table by Frag is an exciting take on geometric shapes. Its legs embody the strong movement towards radial elements. We’ve been forecasting the significance of the Streamlined Moderne mood in our trend reports, and it’s seen here in the collection’s industrial feel and aeronautical influences.

  1. Contemporary Gothic by Starck for Kartell

 Bold, daring and exquisitely beautiful, the Philippe Starck designed chandelier for Kartell is memorable. Its monochromatic focus and angular lines symbolise a new stripped-back style of Art Nouveau we’ve been seeing. This reinterpretation of the classic chandelier in an unexpected streamlined expression.

  1. Wraps and Chamfers from Miniforms

 Playfulness is a growing theme in interiors currently. The tables by Miniforms illustrate how these playful elements can be seamlessly injected into a classic aesthetic, with chamfers and wrap-like legs.

  Top Interior Trend Innovations from Paris Maison et Objet 2021

  1.  Romantic Elements by Pop Corn

 The Droplet pendant lights by Pop Corn lead the way in a new type of romanticism, one that couples nostalgic interpretations of the past with playfulness. The result is an alluring product perfect for dreamers. The use of layering is typical of romantic styles, expressed with combinations of colours, fluting & scalloping. These elements will be influential in 2022 and beyond. 

  1. Sumo Inspirations from 101 Copenhagen

 There’s been an emerging trend towards unique artistic styles that symbolise freedom and boldness of taste. The newest vase collection from 101 Copenhagen creates this uniqueness with shapes inspired by the Japanese sport of Sumo.

  1. Pops of Colour on Grounded Expressions

 The Vola faucet by Sopha Industries is a surprising burst of colour and highlights how vibrant accents can pair with more Grounded expressions, like the earthy sink. The hot pink tap ware commands attention and expresses the rapid rise in playfulness we’ve been forecasting. 

  1. Pebble & Rock Forms

 As people seek more solace in nature, longer-term interior trends illustrate the growing focus on materials & designs that evoke the natural environment. The Vincent table, Yanne and Yannick stools designed by Gommaire feature pebble and rock form influences. It’s part of an emerging trend cycle.

  1. Minimal Moroccan Themes by Flame et Luce

 Unsurprisingly the desire for travel is rebuilding, and faraway exotic places look appealing. Capturing the zeitgeist of the moment is the newest design story from Flame et Luce. It’s an exceptionally commercially viable aesthetic, and the key elements of printed panels, layered lighting and artisanal details will be influential.

 We hope these results have left you inspired and informed on the latest from Europe.

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