What are the trends for Christmas 2021?

We’re excited to share with you 5 key trends for Christmas 2020 and how they will evolve, endure, decline or emerge in 2021.

When we report on Christmas decor trends, Christmas tableware trends, and Holiday gift trends we base it on Aspirational Segmentation from our proven Trend Intelligence System.

Understanding and focusing on Aspirational Segmentation is crucial—They reveal not only how different people aspire to exist, but more importantly, how they wish to be perceived. These Aspirational segments are the most important aspect of trend identification today. In a world of self-curated media, these aspirational segments are quickly developing into aspirational communities that drive both individuals and group styles.

Customer Segmentation For Home Lifestyle Retail Brands

We’ve identified 19 key moods for each customer aspiration in our 2021 Christmas Trends Report

Today’s post will highlight the 5 most eye-catching Christmas trends across all 19 moods

1. What Colours Are Trending For Christmas 2021?

Each aspirational segment has a variety of nuances in the colour palettes they prefer, so there isn’t simply one palette. What we discovered is that across all of our segments Christmas decor trends have a few key colour themes.   

Earthy Holiday Decor Trends and Boho Christmas Decor Ideas

Earthy Christmas Colour Palettes

These palettes resonate with the new conscious consumer and the trends of artisanal, handmade and homemade Christmas decorations, gifts and dinnerware.

As you might expect these colours are muted, softer and rooted in tones pulled from nature and raw materials. 

Bold Statement Christmas Decor Trends

Statement Christmas Colour Palettes

These palettes include jewelled tones, bright playful colours and resonate with the consumers who are trying to make a statement with their Christmas decorations. We’re finding these bold colours in  our Playful aspiration and Opulent aspiration.

Traditional Christmas Color Palettes

Traditional Christmas Colour Palettes

Our traditional palettes include (you guessed it) reds, greens, golds and silvers. The consumers who prefer these palettes root their aspirations in nostalgia and the moods that include these palettes draw on holiday folklore, winter equinoxes, and other Scandi-Christmas themes.

What Is The Christmas Colour For 2021?

We have a staunch opinion on picking a singular colour for anything. We actually believe there shouldn’t be a colour of the year because there are many palettes and shades that different aspirational communities are drawn towards.

“Whilst I admire and respect all of these organisations, predicting the colour of the year, in my opinion, it is just plain nonsense.” – Michael Cleghorn, CEO MC&Co Trend, Stop It With This Colour Of The Year Nonsense


Is Blue A Christmas Colour?

The answer is absolutely yes! Blue has actually shown a strong presence in our 2022/23 Colour Report.  What we’re seeing now across the globe is a resurgence of a blue Christmas which will endure through the next several years, but it’s not just one shade of blue. It’s actually quite far from that – the trending shades of blue changes across consumer moods, aspirations and style preferences.

Navy Blue Christmas Decor Trends

In our Opulent Aspiration moods we’re seeing a trend of royal blues. 

Gen Z Playful Christmas Decor Trends

 In our Playful Aspiration moods we’re seeing punchy pastel blues 

Christmas Colour Palette Trends - Boho

In our Grounded Aspiration moods we’re seeing muted teals.

Evil eye Christmas ornament trend

In our Escape Aspiration moods we’re picking up on oceanic aquas as well as deep cyan blues

2. What are the top gifts for Christmas 2020/21?

2021 Christmas Gifting Trends

We’ve picked up on a bit of a mischievous trend in Christmas Gifts for 2020 where brands are doing plays on words which err on the side of brazen, but maintain an innocent, fun flair. We believe this trend will become more mainstream in 2021.

3. What are the Christmas tableware trends for 2021?   

As many consumers move to purchasing items that provide more function and less waste, we’ve seen this continue to be relevant in many holiday table setting looks.

2021 Christmas tableware trends

We forecast a continual growth in non-Christmas decorated tableware and a strengthening of providing dinnerware items that can be paired with your brand’s Christmas decoration offering. This  inspires consumer to be multi-use giving your products more longevity throughout the year.

multi-use christmas dinner decor trends

This highlights that consumers can be much more individualistic in the way they style their tables, using accessories to create the holiday appeal while 

4. What are the consumer trends for Christmas 2021?

As many of the Gen Y and Z consumers shift to conscious shopping behaviours we’re seeing a wider emergence of eco-friendly Christmas trends.

millennial and gen z Christmas trends
  • Reusable wrapping paper – including hessian and burlap sacks as well as recycled paper Christmas crackers. 
artisanal Christmas trends 2021
  • Artisanal accents and DIY ornaments – from handmade products to supporting local makers, conscious Christmas consumers may invest in less items that will be thrown away and put their money towards products made by locals or that will last forever in their holiday collections.   
Space saving christmas trees
  • The New ‘Space Saving’ Artificial Christmas Tree – As city dwellers have less and less room, and even less storage than ever before they need trees that fit in smaller spaces. We’re seeing innovations like hanging Christmas Tree Tapestries that light up as well as artificial 3D trees that can stick to walls.

5. What is the top Christmas theme for 2021?

“Every Christmas is a chance to live out a fantasy”  – Steven Worthy, Creative Director MC&Co Trend

This statement has never been more true. COVID-19 is impacting our holidays across how we gather, travel and shop. The seaside holiday decor trend reflects that we’re all trying to live out an escape fantasy in restricted times.

Oceanic beach inspired Christmas trends

We believe this is why the emergence of the Yule-Tide trend is so strong. Many people aren’t able to travel as they normally would and are bringing the escape fantasy into their homes for the holidays.

Plus, only half the hemisphere is enjoying a wintery Christmas, so summer inspired themes are a must for the southern hemisphere.

Seashell Christmas Wreath

Expect to see more felt sea creatures encrusted with crystals, pearls and sequins on the tree, while gold and brass shelled creatures will grace tablescapes.

MC&Co’s 2021 Christmas Trend Report

2021 Christmas Decor Trend Report

We’re delighted to announce our Gift and Christmas 2021 Report has just landed! 

Our vigorous Christmas report boasts;

  • A review of the top brand’s 2020 holiday styles and our forecast for how they will change in 2021
  • 19 iconic Christmas moods across our 6 aspirational consumer segments 
  • Key colour palettes across each look
  • 122 pages of tableware trends, ornament ideas, holiday home looks, and gifts
  • Hundreds of inspirational images

Check out our Gift and Christmas 2021 Report here

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