Data vs Imagination

data vs creativity

Well, well, well, sometimes it looks like the bean counters have taken over the asylum! That’s right, folks, we’re living in a world where data is king and creativity is just a distant memory. Don’t get me wrong, I love data as much as the next guy. Who doesn’t want to know all about customer data, purchasing patterns, mosaics, and demography? But let’s face it, data can only take us so far.

Remember when the smart phone came out? Yeah, there was no data to suggest that it would become a necessity in today’s world. But guess what? A visionary saw the potential and made it happen. And that’s the thing, folks, data can only tell us facts. It can’t give us a vision. It can’t help us dream big.

But wait, there’s more! Here at MC&Co Trend, we don’t just rely on imagination and dreaming. We use research and data too, but we do it in a unique way. We’ve developed a Trend Intelligence system that takes trend forecasting to a whole new level of accuracy. Our three-step process involves taking tens of thousands of images each season and filtering them through three crucial lenses.

First up, we consider consumer aspirations. What are people dreaming of? What do they want their lives to look like? We use this information to identify emerging trends that tap into those aspirations. We look at emotional approaches to life. What are people feeling? How can we tap into those emotions with our designs and products? By understanding the emotional landscape, we can create products that really resonate with consumers.

There are six aspirations that determine personal style choices.


I aspire to be earthy, spiritual and healthy

I have an independent mind
– I seek meaning and connection
– I focus on authenticity

I value artisanal methods

bean counters

– I aspire to be structured and strategic

– I seek comfort in order
– I adore functional design
– I am architecturally focused

– I value classicism


I aspire to be relaxed and friendly

I am collaborative and welcoming

I seek comfort in good times
– I love travelling

I value the outdoors


– I aspire to celebrate history

– I seek comfort in the past
– I am retrospectively focused

– I see value in revisiting


– I aspire to be cheerful
– I am rebellious and noticed
– I seek comfort in whimsy and humour

– I am colour focused
– I see value in lightheartedness


– I desire luxury
– I adore expressions of glamour

– I am sophisticated and worldly

– I seek comfort in luxury
– I see value in the cosmetic

And finally, we consider the commercial timing and positioning. We know that the bean counters need to see results, and that’s why we make sure our trends are positioned for success in the market. We look at factors like price point, materials, and production techniques to ensure that our trends are not only beautiful and inspiring, but also commercially viable.

The three key considerations for commercial timing and positioning on the trend curve are Cycle, Viability and Velocity.

Let’s imagine a world where data, imagination, and dreaming can all dance together. Who knows what kind of wonderful, commercial creativity we could harness? When it comes to forecasting interior lifestyle trends, I say we should always balance data with imagination and dreaming. That’s where the magic happens, folks.

bean counters

With our unique approach, we’re able to deliver trend forecasts that are both accurate and inspiring, helping our clients stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing market. At MC&Co Trend, we believe in the power of data, but we also know that imagination and dreaming are essential ingredients for true creativity. By combining the best of both worlds, we’re able to help our clients create products that are not only commercially successful, but also emotionally resonant and culturally relevant. So, let’s embrace the bean counters and the dreamers, and see what kind of magic we can create together!

Written by Michael Cleghorn, CEO and Founder of MC&Co Trend.

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