Maison et Objet + Paris Design Week January 2024



Step into the captivating world of Maison et Objet, January 2024, where the fusion of ecology and technology takes centre stage under the compelling theme of Tech Eden. This season, discover how sustainability and innovation intertwine seamlessly, reshaping the landscape of design and igniting the imagination of interior designers and furniture industry enthusiasts alike.

Maison et Objet pulsates with a palpable sense of newness, excitement, and audacity, serving as a beacon of positivity amid global challenges. Our exclusive coverage invites you to immerse yourself in this dynamic atmosphere, where each product and display reflects an ethos of creativity and resilience.

Embark with us on a journey through the highlights of Paris Design Week, delve into the illuminating insights from M+O’s Trend Halls, and explore the vibrant ecosystem of the M.O.M. Village. From diverse design installations to captivating spotlights on M+O’s top designers, our comprehensive 131-page report offers a panoramic view of the event’s most captivating moments.

But that’s not all. We also unveil the prescient trend predictions from Maison et Objet, dissecting the nuances of key macro trends that are reshaping the future of design:

  1. NEW CURVES – Experience the evolution of curvilinear concepts into bold and dynamic forms, pushing the boundaries of traditional design paradigms.
  2. NATURAL WARMTH – Discover how artisans and machines collaborate harmoniously to infuse creations with a sense of warmth and authenticity, resonating with environmentally conscious design enthusiasts.
  3. ORDER FOR LONGEVITY – Explore the essence of sustainable design, where timeless aesthetics merge with enduring craftsmanship to create pieces that transcend fleeting trends, appealing to discerning consumers and industry professionals alike.

Join us as we unravel the tapestry of innovation, creativity, and sustainability woven at Maison et Objet, inspiring conversations and shaping the future of design for years to come.

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