Maison et Objet + Paris Design Week-September 2023



Dive into our Exclusive Coverage of Maison et Objet, September 2023.

This season’s central message? Delight in design! It’s a refreshing departure from the prevailing mood of restraint in today’s uncertain world. The current times call for “Optimism” and the joys of life.

Maison et Objet resonates with vibrancy, excitement, and daring this season. It’s a beacon of positivity, casting away the shadows cast by global adversities. Witness this ethos reflected in the myriad of products and displays in our report.

Join us as we delve into the latest from Paris Design Week, the insights from M+O’s Trend Halls, the M.O.M. Village, diverse design installations, spotlight features on M+O’s top designers, the champion of the Rising Talent Awards, and an exclusive peek at 25 leading exhibitors from the exhibition. Spanning 127 pages, this report is comprehensive.

Moreover, we bring to the fore the prescient trend predictions from M+O. We analyze key macro trends that stand out:

  1. EMBRACING JOY – A celebration of happiness reflected in color, form, and motifs.
  2. BOLD DESIGNS – Assertive and sturdy designs and the materials behind them.
  3. MODERN MEETS TRADITION – The allure of vintage shaping contemporary design narratives.

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