The Most Important Colour Trends for 2023/24

At MC&Co Trend, we approach colour forecasting from a very different, commercially focused perspective. Our forecasts reveal which tones of colour are evolving and which tones will emerge in the consumer’s awareness and attraction. We also consider which tones are always relevant and enduring. Our experience, at MC&Co Trends is that this is the most valuable and actionable way to help our clients – rather than an artistic interpretation of what might happen within a specific area of colour trend. We report and forecast holistically and within a proven structure that relates to global consumers Approaches to Life. Our 30 years of trend forecasting, and product development have identified four basic approaches to life that relate to colour tone and palette. These are: 


The third edition of MC&Co Trend’s Colour Forecast highlights significant shifts in colour saturation levels which will be highly influential. New colour trends develop in alignment with people’s emotional responses to worldwide instability — there’s a general need for trust & certainty. Movements in colour strive to satisfy these desires with tones that represent vitality and anticipation of a brighter future. The newest reds are bold & powerful and reflect a desire for self-determination. Whilst blues are softer and express the growing need to move forward with grace and gratitude. The crucial elements of interior colour trends for 2023 to 2024 are explained below. 

The essential macro movements in colour are:

More confident tones A confident expression by Barbie Roadkill

Earthier Neutrals Earthy Neutrals by Alexandria Chapalimaud

Increased optimistic vibrations These three movements reflect an emotional state and a desire for: Seeking assurance – Optimism Top: Liberty LondonAmanda Lindroth Bottom: Ladenac MilanoKelly Behun

Needing to move forward – Ambition Greg Natale

Setting the right inner state – Accomplished Top: Athena CalderoneAmber Interior Design Bottom: HK Living                             

As always, our color forecast at MC&Co trend is a gentle guideline and not a strict regime that must be followed. Trends are filtered through style-specific quadrants to explain how they impact your business. Yet, prepare for optimistic overlays to permeate all tones across all Aspirations and Approaches to Life.

Our 2023 2024 Colour Forecast is now available.

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