The Top 5 Emerging Dining Chair Shapes for 2021

At MC&Co Trend, our teams are constantly searching the globe for the latest, most innovative interior concepts and products. Here is our pick of the most important dining chairs that we have identified as trend-leading and commercially viable shapes that emerged in 2021.1. Draide: “Sissi” by Designers Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

The Sissi chair backs have a wonderful movement to them with symmetry, linear and radial lines. Made entirely of recycled materials and moulded plastics. A very important product with great potential for uptake.

 “a refined and sculptural piece, just like the ultimate Viennese chair – famous for its wooden curves.”
Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.

2. Gebruder Thonet Vienna: “N.O” by Front

Inspired by the French Riviera and living light-heartedly, the Beaulieu chair symbolises the new playful spirit of the zeitgeist. With an unexpected edit as one armrest is missing. It’s also a reinvention of the classic Medallion chair.

3. MAD Architects: “Gu” by Ma Yansong

The Gu chair conjures up images of fossil treasures and translates to the Bone Chair. With ‘Gu’ meaning ‘bones’ in Chinese. There is a sense of continuous movement thanks to the fluid limb-like legs and seamless blending of all elements. The wood’s veining enhances the sculptural feeling.

The Gu chair is reminiscent of prehistoric bones and skeletal structures, especially in the joinery — another example of the upsurge in radial forms.

4. Philippe Stark: “Adela Rex”

Made entirely from plywood, the armchair Adela Rex is part of the 100% pure wood project. Made with only selected slow-growing wood from reforestation. There are no fittings, screws, or additional materials, making the seat and backrest interlock smoothly throughout.

“We want wood in our lives. It’s a basic human need to be surrounded by signs that remind us of nature and predict the future.” Philippe Starck.

5. Afra and Tobia: “Africa” Chair

The Africa chairs were created by Afra & Tobia Scarpa for Maxalto, Italy, 1975. 

The sculptural chairs show many beautiful details, such as the ebonized layers in the backrest, or the elegant curve in the cognac leather seat.

The chairs are part of The Artona series for Maxalto, a specialist division of B&B Italia, established in 1975 to concentrate exclusively on the production of high-end wooden furniture. It was a rebellion against the prevailing use of plastics in design during the preceding period.

These unique chairs featured recently in Alicia Keys Miami Home.

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